Science in Media

"What's in the Message?" Media Coverage of Science and how this contributes to our thinking and understanding.

Have you ever been really frustrated by how media portrays health and science issues? Isn't it really difficult to figure out what research is correct when contradicting evidence seems to come out all of the time? This project explores the effect of media on our knowledge and perceptions about science through 2 major branches:

1) Research Branch: There are two phases to this, Phase I: Meta-analysis study of current research being conducted in this field that could result in publication(s).Phase II: PSI conducted research questions that will look further into the trends we find after initial analysis of current research which will happen with the help of faculty members and experts in the field.

2) Awareness campaign: To educate public on the "good and bad" with respect to media coverage of issues in science. This may result in us providing tips and workshops to public and doing some light policy work as well to hold large corporations and media accountable for giving people a clear, balanced picture of issues in science.

Opportunity: We are looking for 4 project managers to help kickstart the project. Commitment would be around 3 hours per week. Previous experience in research environments and a strong interest in this topic are required.